the first lesson of e-com

I write this diary in English in a part of English education.
If you find some mistakes or better writing,, please make a correction.
Of cause, I’m very happy if you comment about content.

I started e-com English lesson today at my superior’s suggestion.
(The sponsor is my company :-D )
It use Skype and also use its unique system that the teacher and I can see same textbook on the browser and make a drawing freely on the textbook.

The lesson time is 30 minutes (25 min, to be exact).

I’m taking the “general business English” class.
First, I was reaffirmed the purpose of learning English.
The answer is following :
a) I have some opportunities of exchange e-mail with overseas subsidiary.
b) In the near future, I have to attend teleconferences with that overseas subsidiary.
c) The head of my division is an American, and there are some chief from the abroad.
d) My company’s president announced officially that they will adopt only the persons of 730 or more TOEIC :(

Second, I was asked a) my working goal in the future, b) my job category and c) how can I attain my goals.
I was surprised at these question, because this is the first time at my life of the business English class.
The last English conversation lesson is for student, so the subjects were daily life or script of business scene and so on.
The answers are following:
a) I pass on writing here, but I said something like that I want to go higher.
b) The finance of Pharmaceutical Research Division.
c) …
During talking about c) section, the lesson time was over.
So it’s my homework by next time.

I thought this class is good opportunity of thinking and explaining about my plan of working.

In the class, it made a correct my pronunciation of

pharmaceutical |ˌfärməˈsoōtikəl|
of or relating to medicinal drugs, or their preparation, use, or sale.

… I recall back that my college English teacher made same correct.

And new word is

enthusiastic |enˌθoōzēˈastik|
having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval : the promoter was enthusiastic about the concert venue.

I have my mind set on taking lesson in a week again.


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